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Posted by SR20Weasel - April 11th, 2020

So the consoles themselves aren't offically out yet, which one would you buy at launch or within the next 2-3 years of their life cycle?

For me, I'd probably be going for Xbox this time around, even though I've been a Playstaion Junkie since the late PS1 to the current outgoing PS4 with the exception of a Gamecube, 360, and I beleve a Gameboy Advance at onepoint In my childhood. Idk, I Guess I'm a sucker for the specs since the graphics look a little better, but I never got used to the Xbox controller feel exept for the 360. Then again, I might change my mind after release.

I'd like to hear what system you're going for in the upcomming generation!

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Posted by SR20Weasel - March 26th, 2020

I hope everyone is doing well in times like these. To be completely honest, I thought this COVID-19 virus was a joke until seeing just how serious the situation is. The social distancing thing is pretty easy for me I guess since I'm pretty much an introvert. Also the toilet paper crisis has to be the most stupidest, yet funniest thing I've witnessed 🤣! One of my friends told me that a guy ran up into a Marriott hotel and stole 66 rolls of toilet paper before being arrested! Honestly it's that type of thing that happens which makes us question the direction we're heading in while either getting a laugh out of or just facepalm.

Also I've been hearing about marvel hitting an all-time low with their new comic coming out called "New Warriors". I've seen it and it's pretty much cringe worthy. In my opinion, the designs are "meh" at best and some of their bios are something that a 6yr would probably write. I've also noticed how this is starting up a lot of backlash because of how those twins were written out in a way that's really offense to the non-binary community. I'd really wish marvel would get their shit together.

Anyway I hope you guys are doing well! Remember to wash your hands, keep social distancing and wear your mask!

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